Here are some Frequently Asked Questions at Midtown Lumber

How do I place an order for delivery?
  • Just fill out the order form, we will reply with prices, then submit a credit card form so we can confirm the process.
How do I place a cutting order?
  • Fill out an order form or fax us a list of your individual pieces and we will price it for you.
How quick are deliveries?
  • With stock materials, delivery is usually within a couple of hours. On cutting orders, usually later in the day or the next day.
Do you cut wood that is not purchased from Midtown Lumber Mart?
  • Yes we do. As long as we determine that it is safe for us to cut. Price is based on exactly what we are cutting.
Do we have to purchase full sheets of material, or just buy the pieces that I want?
  • At Midtown Lumber, you have the choice to purchase full sheets or pieces. Certain materials are only sold by the sheet. Please call us for more information.
How accurate is your cutting?
  • We cut lumber to exact size
Do you do custom cutting?
  • We try to accommodate all cutting requests. Given time, most custom cutting orders can be processed.